Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

Simurgh wrote:

miro3 wrote:

Wait if you can!

Hi Miro,

I think I'll go with NEX6. The thing is I have a few trips in the next 6 months and I really don't want to miss those. Moreover I would like to keep it sub £1000 - and new 7 would probably be more.

I think NEX6 will be a good first time camera of this type for me. I am sure I will be getting a new one in 2-3 years.

That;s the sort of comment that makes me wonder whether A Nex is really your best choice at this stage. I think Captura and I are saying the same thing. A nex is s system camera that and the 6 and 7 are a  a reasonably significant investment. As I said earlier, I don't think it is a good choice for a beginner (this depends of course on whether you are a complete beginner or already have a good idea of how shutter speed, f stop and isp work independently and together. If you are on top of this then OK, go for the Nex. If not, i'd still be advisingon  an RX100 fot your travel/family shots (and it it is still a very sophisticated camera with high quality IQ) that you can do a lot of learning with. Plus keep your Canon or follow Capturas advice. Then when you have done your learning on these, you will know yourself what you are looking for in a system camera and you will be confident that the more expensive gear suits your needs.,

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