Things I have done with EPL2+SAMY 7.5mm

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Spiridakis Michael
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Hen3ry wrote:

Wonderful to see you here, Mike.

Beautiful pix as usual, although I have a deeply rooted dislike of fish eyes (maybe spawned by my ex's interest in eating them! Gag!).

AND a beautifully executed panorama. What focal length was the lens set at?

I'm doing simple 9mm shots myself.

PS: hang on there. Don't let Goldman Sachs, the authors of the "financial crisis", and their bankster buddies on both sides of the Atlantic, grind you down!

Cheers, geoff

High Geoff... nice to see you again here... how is it going with your old Kodak do you still use it...? I have seen very nice shots of you with this camera.

How do you shoot @ 9mm I am living for the day that I will hold the oly 9-18 it is at first priority for me... Speaking for the pano it is @ 14mm (28), but I think you still can't imagine it in the right way.... this pano would be looking exactly the same even if it was with 7.5mm... the only difference is that with 28mm you need to shoot 38 pix for a 360pano and with 7.5 maybe needs 8... I prefer to shoot at 28mm indoors just because you end up with a huge pano more than 100 mpxls and that lets you crop for simple pano pictures and still be able to downsize more than twice and this way you finish with a very good quality in terms of noise and detail.

But why you don't like 7.5mm pano has more aggressive distortions.

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