Why I love my D700's ...

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moving_comfort wrote:

As happy as I am with my D800, I still advise folks to consider a used D700 when they're looking to upgrade from aps-c. It's a precise, fun, powerful professional tool and a fantastic low-light performer.

That's exactly what I did having found a used D700 in exc. cond w/ 11k shutter count for $1000.

Egad, that's an absolute steal. I think $1500 is probably closer to the going rate for a D700 @ 11K clicks.

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Here are a few of my favorite things...
---> http://www.flickr.com/photos/95095968@N00/sets/72157626171532197/

As a small consolation prize for myself for having resisted the urge to buy the D800 because "I wanted it" not because I needed it, 12 MPis all I really need for the size of photos i print. I'm buying myself a Nikon AFS 70-200mm f2.8 VRII from my local camera store for $2099 this week with the remaining money that was allocated to buy a D800.

Since I'm prioritizing my next camera gear purchases on lenses I'm hoping to get my Nikon AFS 35mm f1.4G & 85mm f1.4G lenses in next year or so before Nikon finally makes a camera aka D710 that I really need 1st and want 2nd. If Nikon pulls it off it will be my last DSLR. 

BTW, nice photos on flickr.

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