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Re: JulesJ - what is USC disc?

CAcreeks wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

What do mean burning a USC [disc] ?

Apologies, it's my typing on my iPad and not checking. I meant DVD ....I think!


One great thing about Nero is that you can take a regular audio CD and put track titles on it that show up on your car stereo.

Also Nero is very reliable, and by default, verifies data after burn.

One of the wives I have known (hope that is unspecific enough) has movie DVD software that removes all the advertisements and warnings up front, giving you just the movie. Very convenient for movies you like to watch often. Nero doesn't do that.

I know, I used to have Nero on my last PC but am slightly put off by the £34 price tag since in don't need 90% of whAt it does. I will probably grit my teeth and buy it.

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