Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

ultimitsu wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

If Pentax designed them of unconventional FL to avoid comparison it was to save other makers embarrassment, not because Pentax was afraid of being compared.

I once heard a Russian say exactly that about the quality of Lada compared to Japanese cars. Cute.

Why are you mention those crudely made, unfinished, unreliable cars when talking about Pentax?

Because the quoted laughable proposition practically asked for it.

It all started from the laughable idea that Pentax was trying to avoid comparison by choosing non-standard LFs. Is there a contest?

You are not a Pentax user. You obviously don't know much about Pentax, nor are you interested in finding out things (otherwise you would ask questions). Are you posting here to convince Pentax users that their cameras and lenses are at Lada's level?

This thread is a non-pentax user sharing why people choose pentax, it is just as fair and reasonable for me to share why I did not choose pentax.

The topic is "Why use Pentax?" and was opened on the Pentax SLR Talk forum; not "Why use Canon/Nikon/whatever instead of Pentax". Your sharing is not fair and reasonable, but off-topic

However, what was discussed here was the idea that "Pentax goes out of its way to make lenses of unconventional FL to avoid comparison".

What surprised me though is why you would take my views so personally and act as if you are greatly offended. is it some kind of inferiority complex? It should be noted that I do not think Pentax gear is inferior and such complex appear to exist among Canikon users too.

Greatly offended? Inferiority complex?


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