Charity as a price objection

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Re: Charity as a price objection

Sadly, you are going to be a poor photographer if you do not diversify. I only shoot certain charitable events. Some I do as good will but others I charge a heavily discounted rate. But I look at the opportunities like what other organizations will be sponsoring the event because then I can network and possibly gain paying clients.

I also tell the organizations I will own the rights to the images. If they are going to use them in advertising, a credit line is mandatory. In all other cases, I must be notified and approve of how the images are shown or printed.

If no big names are sponsoring the event(s), I kindly bow out. It is not worth my time or efforts doing charity because almost always they are demanding and trying to take all sorts of advantage of you.

I am also very picky about who I work with. The charity I work with MUST give back 95% of the money they receive. They must provide me with financial details. If they refuse, then I also refuse to offer my services free.

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