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Good possibilities, but wait for Service Pack 1

It's a bit of a "curate's egg" at present - good in parts. Marginally faster, some good apps, but in going for a "touch" interface when probably 99% of the current users are mouse-orientated was a big mistake - the shut-down sequence, for example, is not good for productivity. Lock-screens are way over the top for most people using it in a home environment. There should be alternative interfaces offered - having to use add-ons as workarounds is a nonsense. Also I've found it's a bit "buggy" - tried using it on both laptops and desktops but after some time there have been initial startup problems caused by defective boot-managers.

SP1 should offer a simple menu at installation giving choices:

Touch or mouse

Classic or Metro

Single user, family, or open

If it does, I might consider reinstalling

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