Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

santamonica812 wrote:

tasad wrote:

Thanks BackroadsTraveler , OldArrow , I_objectif , Wildbegonia for your support !

Add me to the (likely very long) list of admirers. What you do is amazing. Wish DP could hire you as a freelance part-time challenge detective!

The earlier names have also been added to my person challenge blacklist

From my experience, they were out shooting together.

I can see the different viewing angles on the shot, different EXIF info, etc.

They are probably shooting buddies.

See below for an example:

If they are indeed shooting buddies, I wouldn't blame tasad for asking a question.  But he could have asked thanasaki directly.  Asking a question out loud is no different from casting doubts.

Perhaps tasad should watch the scene from the movie 'Doubt', when Father Flynn was giving a sermon about gossips.

Just so you know Tasad isn't always right, he accused a new host, 'carizi' of plagiarising the way I write my rules.  (see 'Like A Stone').  But he apologized for it, and all is forgiven.

As for the rest of the people, perhaps they need to reflect upon their behaviour....should it turn out that they were wrong about it.

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