real d800 vs em5

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Again and again and again, yawn

This is happening in almost every forum,

someone takes a decent camera and claims it produces pictures as good as the D800.

He/she posts some pictures that should back up this claim. Those images are small (<6mp), wildly differ in exposure, white balance, view angle and - most important - were shot by someone who is not used to a D800 and thus lacks everthing necessary to get the best of the d800 (d800 = medium format resolution => medium format treatment). (My first D800 shots looked like taken by a cell phone camera because I lacked the skills necessary to handle it.) The "small camera" images are heavily processed and show tons of artifacts (sorry, details) while the D800 image is an unsharped out-of-camera image taken at the lowest jpeg quality setting bilinearily scaled down to this target size.

With this approach you could make Angela Merkel look better than any super model.



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