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My Windows 8 looks(and runs) like Windows 7

I recently got a new laptop for use for photo/video edit/backups while travelling.  The laptop is an ASUS ZenBook and I like it a lot because it is very slim (easy to pack) and fast (i5 CPU) which makes it useful for assembling panoramas and editing HD quality video.

The laptop came with Windows 8 which I tried for about 30 minutes to use.  I quickly gave up because I saw no useful Metro apps on the system.  So I installed Start8 and loaded up all my trusty Windows 7 applications: Office 2010 Pro, Photoshop Elements, Autopano Giga, FastStone, Google Earth, and several utility programs.

My desktop (or Start Screen) has no icons on it; I access my software from the Start menu provided by the Start8 add-on ($5 and well worth it in my opinion.)

As I did with Win7 I turned UAC off because I didn't want any of those nagging popups every time I tried to install something.  I later learned that doing this renders all Metro apps un-runable.  I'm not very concerned about this since I have yet to find a Metro app I would want to run.

Once in a while I bounce over to the Metro desktop.  It's loaded with icons/tile for all my normal Windows software - and naturally all of those icons/tiles work ok.  The tiles for the Metro apps I haven't deleted yet are also there - but naturally none of them work.  That's OK with me.

One nice thing about Win8 is it definitely boots up faster and shuts down faster than Win 7 did.  But so far that's about the only nice thing I can say about Win8.  If there is something I'm missing I'd surely like to hear about it.

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