Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

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just Tony
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Very nice custom profile

Petruska wrote:

I printed with my R3000, RR Arctic Polar Luster paper using the RR APL ICC profile and my results were similar to yours. The blue patch at the top of the column 251(circled in yellow) should be mid purple. Your print and mine with the RR profile prints it as mid blue!

I then printed again using my custom ICC profile for RR APL and that block printed the correct mid purple.

Based upon that blue block I'd say that there is something wrong averall with that particular RR profile.

Bob P.

Thanks for the verification. So going forward, the existing corrupt profiiles seem to have their problems concentrated in areas that are out of gamut for the R3000. Those wrong colors might not appear in images especially frequently, and they will work just fine for many people. But I do feel that the ripply blue>white and cyan>white gradients with those intensity reversals may eventually show up in some sky areas with amorphous clouds. I'll have to watch for that.

I've addressed the issue in the short term by ordering some Epson Paper. Red River will end up waiting until after I've rented a Color Munki.

Here are my findings for several papers:

Red River Zeppelin Semi Gloss: gradients and purple are pretty good; the black point is rather light which makes it a non-starter for me.

Red River Ultrapro Satin and Gloss: rippled gradients and the purple printed blue.

Red River Polar Pearl Metallic: gradient ripples were present but not as bad as Ultrapro. The purple printed blue.

Red River Pecos Gloss Card: Very nice gradients except for one reversal in the green>black, and the purple really is purple. Pretty trustworthy.

Red River Arctic Polar Satin: Inconclusive due to probable pilot error on my part. I tried this paper twice and got different results. I probably used an incorrect profile on one of the tries. One print had a mild case of the problems, the other one had a strong case. I'm wary.

Red River Arctic Polar Luster: Slightly ripply gradients and a very blue purple.

Red River Arctic Polar Gloss: One reversal in the green>black gradient, and the purple is only slightly bluish. A pretty good result.

Epson Ultra Premium Glossy: Only a very slight "step" but no reversals in the green> black gradient, all others are good. The purple is purple. My favorite at this point.

Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II on Canon MG6220 printer: slightly "steppy" green>black gradient but no reversals. The blue is slightly purplish and too light. The red swatch is too light however the strawberries look good. It's very very good on the in-gamut colors and completes a good print 10X faster than the R3000 and has a slightly larger gamut. But it only goes up to 8.5x11".

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