real d800 vs em5

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Re: real d800 vs em5

My impressions are that the EM5 has noise in the sky, the Nikon sky is smooth but too cyan, the resolution on the D800 is better but you have to use the tree because resolution on the boat, shore is compromised due to heat waves over distance. The sharpening on the EM5 shot has resulted in halos, look at the flagpole on the dock. The Olympus holds the edges better than the Nikon, colour correction and sharpness, but that's usually the case when you compare 4/3 lenses to FF lenses, not always though.

The noise in the E5M sky would probably be visible on a 20"x24" print.  You could mitigate it by selectively unsharpening the sky in the Olympus shot.

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