Fuji HS50 vs Canon SX50

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Re: Fuji HS50 vs Canon SX50

jcmi wrote:

Hi. Like many I have been waiting for more detail on the Fuji HS50. It is not currently available in

Australia. In June I am travelling on safari in Africa. I used to own an SLR (pre-digital days). I do not

want to have to change lenses and so have opted for a bridge camera. I wouldn't even call myself an amateur photographer, but I have done a bit of reading and would like to come home with some great memories in my mind and as pics. My understanding is that much of the game viewing occurs early morning and late afternoon so there may be light issues. My question is really around i) the importance of the HS 50 having f2.8, the Canon starts at 3.8 I think, and ii) the manual (Fuji) zoom vs the mechanical zoom (Canon). I've felt the manual zoom of the HS 30 and it seems pretty sticky.

I know I can't have everything in this sort of camera but would appreciate the advice of experienced folk in this forum. Many thanks in anticipation.

If there are light issues, then your shots may be more miss than hit.  These are primarily good light daytime cameras.

At their widest, F/2.8 or f/3.8 makes no difference if the zoom is manual or motorised.  You are limited to use wide angle.. which is fine if you are mainly just wanting to shoot wide landscapes in lower light.

But since you're on safari, I think you're after more than that.

I dont know what your budget is, but if you dont want to be changing lenses, consider going with a dslr with the Nikon 18-300 lens.  You'll need to handle one first to see if you think you'll be ok with holding it with a dslr for an hour or 2.

If you're definitely opting for a bridge camera, you should consider going with the Fuji X-S1.

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