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Thanks... my experience... without going through ALL the aches and pains...

I ordered a Canon G10 March 3... they contacted me via email and said that before my order could be completed that I would need to speak to them...

I called and they wanted to sell me batteries. They hung up when I told them I would not purchase any. So at this point I "figured" my order was being processed.

March 17 I contact them and find out they did not have the item in stock. Site says 7-9 business days for delivery. Was told that once they charged my credit card the 7-9 days begins. The my order info in my account says order shipped... (also says order in process)...

I asked for the situation to be made right because I needed the camera for an event on March 22. Roger told me to go through Canon and that should write about the experience on my blog.

I told him I was not upset. Just needed the camera for him to please HELP like any good business should. He told me he would check with his manager. To call back in 2 hours. I did. He told me he would have it shipped and coming in on March 22 and that he would send me a tracking number.

No tracking number. It did not arrive. The order in my account still says processing.

I canceled my credit card and will look elsewhere for a camera.

Hope this helps...

(Sorry for the bad punctuation... i could attach some upside down photos if it helps)...


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