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Re: Ein sichtbarer Bildschirm!!!

atom14 wrote:

OK, you might well, ask, but loosely...

"A visible/readable screen/interface!"

atom14+. (Ionized.)

There is a reason the interface is designed this way. It shows Sigma/Foveon's nod, or perhaps bias, towards extremely high end users. We're talking like Hollywood Film Studio/Lab high end.

Most users/photographers do not have their systems configured in these dedicated fashions as they are trying to keep one foot in content-consumer non-color-managed land and the other in content-producer color-managed territory. (Plus it's very tricky and somewhat complicated)

It took me ages to figure out what was going on with nobody to guide me but, once you decide to set up your system like a content-producer, it all becomes clear.

It's way too complicated to explain how to set things up in an internet forum. I'm thinking about doing a video tutorial, we'll see, no promises yet.

In the mean time research Kodak/Cineon and Canon's involvement in the Windows Color System which was introduced with Windows Vista as well as ITU-R Rec. BT .709 and the Canon HDTV gamma 1.5 Monitor profile (CNZ005.icc). Pay particular attention to the gamma and tonal response curves of these systems as well as the white points.

Someone else in the forum said they talked to people at Foveon who said there were no plans to change the screen/interface. I hope it's at least a little less irritating knowing there is a reason why, they're not just being stubborn.


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