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Re: D800 vs EM5 Image Comparison: proves what exactly?

joe talks photography wrote:

Comparing the output of D800 with EM5 proves what exactly? I say, not much at all. The EM5 produces images of a decent quality...for what it is. Isn't that enough? The D800 is in a different league entirely (and I netiher own one nor am I a shill for any manufacturer).

I don't own either of these cameras, but the whole premise of the original post borders on the absurd.  Yes, the EM5 may be just as good as the D800, if your intent is to make small prints or post images on the web.  But for large prints or heavy cropping, the D800 will win by a wide margin.  And lest we forget, the D800's sensor has the highest score ever measured by DxO.  Surely that must be of some relevance to ultimate image quality.


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