Panasonic GH3, RAW, and 1:1?

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Re: Panasonic GH3, RAW, and 1:1?

bluelemmy wrote:

I have just done it. You get a picture file 3472x3472. The other pixels are discarded.

I don't see the point of 1:1 like this. Why not shoot 4:3 and get a file 4624x3472 and then crop off the 1152 pixels that you don't want? Ditto 3:2.

It was different with the GH2 because of its oversize sensor.

Interestingly, when I open the GH3 files in my Directory Opus file explorer, they are as described previously, 3472x3473. However, if I shoot with my e-pl3, Dopus shows me that both files are 4608x3456, in other words the 'cropped' pixels are being recorded and I can see them in the Dopus viewer. This is a general purpose picture viewer which will not apply the more esoteric elements of RAW.

When I import a 1:1 file from the GH3 in to Lightroom, it is simply a 1:1 ratio file. But if I import a 1:1 file from the Pen, it shows for a second or two as a 4:3 file before jumping slightly and displaying as a 1:1.

Obviously, the RAW information is being read and then applied in software rather than in camera with the GH3, and this is taking a second or two.

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I've concluded that I'll end up losing more pixels using your method. I've thought about it for a long time and your opinion make no logical sense to me. Assuming I have time to setup the camera and get the composition right, then I won't have to waste any time later cropping the image and maximize the resolution of my image. Now if I were to do what you suggested, then that means I'll have to leave a bit of space for cropping. Then I'll have to go on the computer and spend some time working on the image. By the time that's done and it's cropped, I'll end up with a lower resolution image. So unless I'm missing something here (if you know something that I don't, then please tell me!), then I see no reason to shoot and crop later rather than getting the image right in the first place.

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