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Windows XP

>>I am not a fan of W7 and wish I stil had XP.

I have many, many Win7 machines running Windows XP inside of virtual machines for software compatibility. Comparison wise I've always thought that Vista / Win7 we're absurdly complex and poorly organized interfaces compared to XP / Win2k / 2003. However, I've no issues with Win7....nor Vista for that matter. For that matter Vista and Win7 are pretty much identical when service packed properly. Vista just got a bad rap because hardware wasn't ready for it when it was introduced. If it wasn't for Vista Win7 would have met the same controversy.

Obviously individual system modules are clearly more advanced in Vista and Win7, and they can better utilize large pools of memory. Biggest problem with XP is browsers increasingly don't support it, and already I'm finding that Chrome runs buggier and buggier on XP boxes.

Biggest lie in the universe is that newer Microsoft operating systems ran faster than older ones. Sure, if you're running them on 4x the memory footprint and 4x the processor capability. Feel free to load Win7 on a 3ghz P4 with a gig of RAM and see how it performs compared to XP.

Before laughing at that 3ghz P4 and how it should be replaced feel free to pass a bond so the local school district can upgrade their XP boxes just to run a newer OS running their same old apps.

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