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Classic Shell *doesn't* disable Metro - stop spreading BS folks

Classic shell and other 'Start' emulators may take the sting out of the idiotic Metro interface, but they don't bypass it entirely nor disable it. I've been supporting Win8 for a bit now, and there's no way to entirely get rid of metro (other than reload Win7 which most HP and Dell licensing support).

The other day I had a client get shoved into Metro for daring to click on a video file they had on their flash drive. Win8 naturally assumed they were running a tablet and wanted Windows Media Player to be the default player, and the next thing they know they are locked into a metro wizard and can't get out. Same issues occurs with all kinds of things in Win8 including MailTo links, etc. Microsoft went out of their way to make exiting Metro in these examples just like getting out of a Casino in Vegas with money in your pockets. Juts like Metro, Microsoft disguises the exits.

More importantly my 15years of supporting countless Windows systems in a corporate environment has taught me that GUI strap ons like Classic Shell are only as viable as the next service pack from Microsoft.

Faster boot times due to hybrid hybernation starts make Win8 appealing for point of sale clients, but those are touch environments anyways and already served by a limited GUI. Mostly because the operator is already wearing a polyester hat.

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