Wide angles with NEX-7

Started Mar 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jim Funston Senior Member • Posts: 1,698
Re: Wide angles with NEX-7

If I have to buy a new camera(7n) so I can buy a Sony UWA (11-18) that works without issues (est combined price would be over $2000 usd for both or more) then I may just bail on my whole NEX system and look at other options. For another $700 I could get a a99 body and use my 11-16 Tokina. For me it is all becoming a matter of economics. I run 3 systems currently. I like the NEX system and was a early adopter of the original NEX 5 but this performance issue with my 7 and the UWA Sony has really festered under my skin to the point it won't take much to make me a two system NEX-less photographer. Two of my systems are the A-mount and E mount so a $700 price difference for a a99 vs a new NEX body and UWA makes one think is small really worth it.

So my answer is no I will not buy a 7n so I can buy and use a Sony UWA.

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