Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Depends on where you want to go with photography

Simurgh wrote:

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the great advise and very useful post. I though about the same thing a while ago. However I put it I am quite eager to learn more. I thought the best way to learn is to actually use the camera. I would probably learn more about photography if I used my EOS more, but I just don't carry it often enough.

NEX series looks great. I like to take photos from the different places I visit - so buildings, nature, roads and so on. I also like to be discrete and to capture the moments when meeting with the family. I though NEX6 + some decent additional lens kit would be a great place to start. I would definitely use it more often when I travel (so I would be force to learn more, but I am looking forward to do that) and I would have the main advantages of SLR. I can work with my G10, but that's just not it (you get use to that shutter sound :))

I think I'll go with NEX6 and I'll probably buy one additional lens kit. I assume it's learning and fun from there

Mike Fewster wrote:

Simurgh wrote:


This is my first post on this forum although I am reading it for a quite some time now; useful stuff.

I am pretty much a novice in photography. So far I used many P/S cameras (mostly canon G series) and recently Canon 550D. I am thinking now to get myself a nice portable camera with DSLR features.

My eyes are on NEX6 - it seems like a great little camera. My question is whether is worth to wait for Nex 7N or to go for Nex6..

I use cameras for both indoor and outdoor photos. As I travel a lot I like to take photos of the places I visit. I also use it for taking photos of family and kids. I wouldn't invest in any additional lens kit for time being so this should be based on standard 16-50 kit.

How would you generally compare NEX cameras with EOS 550D (type of DSLR) in terms of performance.

Many thanks and great site

Do you want a camera that will give good shots straight out of the camera or do you want to start learning what all those controls are about and how they can start controlling your photos?

How do you want to present your shots? ie., do you view them on screens or do you want to print them and if you want to print them, how big would you like your prints to be?

Unless you are really sure that you want to start learning advanced photography skills, my advice would be to save some money and do this in a couple of steps until you are sure about what you want. I'd buy an RX100 to take care of my immediate travel/family snapshot needs with very high quality in a tiny package. I'd keep my 550D and use it in combination with a good photography course to learn the basics of advanced photography. I'd also put some time into learning a bit about processing, probably using Photoshop Elements. When you have done this for a while and think you have a reasonable handle on the basics, you will have a far better idea of what your personal needs are (they vary a lot from person to person and there is no one camera that meets everyone's needs. However you will have a much better idea of just what you want to photograph and what you want your camera to do for you. You will have also decided (perhaps) on whether or not this is a pastime where you are orepared to spend more $. Example, do you want to expand it subjects that require really long lenses or are your subjects still family and general travel record shots?

I have taught photography and in my opinion, the Nex range (much as I luv em) are not good for learning photography. Sure, they work great for beginners when you leave them on their auto settings. The control set up however is confusing for people who want to venture into advanced photography (it's fine if you understand what all those controls do and you can set the camera up to meet your needs, but you need to know what you are looking for to get the best out of them.

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Hi Simurgh

The Nex 6 is a great camera. It is very customizable so you can set up the controls in different ways to do different things. This can be quite confusing until you understand the controls and know what controls you want where for your style of shooting and chosen subject matter. If you are sure you want to go with the Nex 6 I would strongly recommend getting Gary Friedman's guide to using the camera. It will help you a lot in understanding and learning the camera and in particular in getting your head around all the possible ways of setting up the controls.

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Mike Fewster
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