Why does this happen and is it avoidable in Lightroom?

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Re: Why does this happen and is it avoidable in Lightroom?

RedFox88 wrote:

You are probably asking in the wrong forum, try the retouching forum or the forum in which your camera "belongs" to.

Agreed, but while you're here...

Remember that rendering of a raw image is somewhat subjective.  There's no single right way (though plenty of wrong ways).  Nikon software (View NX, Capture NX) will render the raw the same way as the in-camera firmware (i.e. Nikon firmware) renders the raw to jpeg, hence Nikon software makes the raw look like the camera-produced jpeg.  Adobe doesn't by default.  However...

The thing to try (if you haven't) in Lightroom, in Develop Module, bottom right in "Camera Calibration" panel and set the profile to "Camera Standard", "Camera Landscape" etc, corresponding to the Nikon picture control you want (Standard, Landscape, Portrait, Vivid etc).  This should match fairly closely the equivalent Nikon rendering.

The default camera calibration profile in Lightroom is probably "Adobe Standard", which isn't very close to Nikon rendering (and isn't very good, IMHO).

Remember that software other than Nikon's can't read any of the proprietary Nikon camera setting metadata, and so can't read which picture control you had set in the camera.  You have to set the equivalent in the raw convertor (e.g. Lightroom).

Hope that helps.

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