Why does this happen and is it avoidable in Lightroom?

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Re: Why does this happen and is it avoidable in Lightroom?

I don't use Lightroom, only Photoshop.  However the problem is the difference between JPEG and RAW.  A RAW file is actually the raw image data from the sensor.  There is no processing applied to it.  All of the processing is done in the raw converter (ACR in Photoshop/Lightroom).  The camera uses a set of processing parameters to render the raw imager data into a JPEG image.  If the processing parameters are significantly different in ACR than they are in the camera, you'll see a significant difference between the camera JPEG and the rendered RAW file.

It would appear that the default ACR parameters are quite different from what's used in the camera.  You can change the ACR default parameters to better match the camera values, so that the ACR "starting point" is much closer to optimum values.  I would suggest that you take a few shots, some "good" and some "problem" and try to find a set of ACR parameters that emulate the camera JPEG.  Once you find the parameter values, make them the ACR defaults.

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