Talk me out of the Sony A65?

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Talk me out of the Sony A65?

Debated to post here or the sony forum.  Hoping here is OK and to get a more balanced response.

Bottom line is that I'm one of those guys that researches things to death, and I'm also highly picky about what I spend my money on.  I will spend a little more if I feel the quality or features deserve the expense.  Unfortunately this combo has lead me to research cameras to death, and I can't make a decision.

And so I'm incredibly close to pulling the trigger on the A65.  I love the features, handling for me is very good.  I like the EVF, the GPS, the panorama.  Sample photos look great.  I find I can work the controls pretty intuitively.  I know a bit about photography from my father who used to shoot for the local papers before I was born, and so I just am looking for a good camera I can grow into, maybe buy a few lenses, and otherwise have some fun and make some memories.  I don't really want to spend any more than the price-range of the A65

With that said, I am highly concerned about the high ISO performance of the A65.  In general I really like taking cityscape shots, and night shots.  And so I am very concerned the A65 might leave me wishing there.  Problem is I can't really take the camera for a weekend, go shooting at night, and see if I like it....

I did use a Canon T2i over a year ago for a long weekend, up to about ISO 1600 if I recall, and I loved the photos.  And so I am still drawn a bit to the Canons.  They fit well, and I find them dumb-easy to figure out.  I really liked using it.  However, features-wise these cameras (say the T4i or T5i) are very much behind the Sony.  I rarely make video, but they apparently are still very bad at this.  And while I'm not a specs guy, I see the new sensors on the Sonys and Nikons and Canon using the same thing going on how many years now?  So while I liked the T2i, I liked it in lower light, I'm very hesitant to actually buy a T4i or T5i.  Frankly, I like using them but I can't help but feel I am buying a generation (vs Nikon) or 2-generation old tech (the Sony feels like a game-changer when using it).

I won't count out a Nikon D5100 or D5200 either....but these cameras still have the same problem I noticed a few years ago...they feel very small to me (harder to hold) and I simply could not pick up these cameras and figure out how to adjust settings....clicking through the back menu and just really struggling to figure them out.  I'm sure it can be done, but it sure didn't seem as easy to use as the Canon or the Sony.  However, I hear great things about the image quality at high ISO on the new Nikon sensors (D5200).  I don't know about video and all that (again, not super important to me....but nice to have).

So, can you talk me out of the A65?  Really, I live everything better about it except my concern for the low-light performance.  Should that be a deal breaker for me being I like to go out at night?  Would I be better giving up that GPS, the 10fps shooting, the great EVF, much better video abilities, etc and getting the Canon or Nikon instead simply for the improved low-light ability?

And if yes, would I grow accustomed to using a Nikon?  Or stick with the old-tech Canons because they feel better in the hand?

I really like the 60D, but image quality I don't think is any better than a T4i....and I'm not sure the 60D would be worth the extra money despite it being my favorite one to hold and use of any of them.

Or am I way over-thinking all of this?  Probably as even something like the NEX-7 has crossed my mind.

I have done endless research and I just can't seem to get this question about low-light answered.  I don't want to have a camera I love in every way but capture the night shots I really enjoy taking.  But I can't seem to justify buying what feels like inferior cameras in Canon or Nikon that only seem to be better at the low-light shooting.

Maybe I should just wait a few more years.... Ha.

Appreciate it.

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