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Those of you in the northern US and Canada think of Canada Geese as a bunch of vermin/pests. I've spent some time in Ohio and yeah, they can be a pain. But here in the southern half of the US they only come by for a few months and leave again before they become much of a bother (sort of like grandkids :-)).

So I was really surprised to come upon a nesting Canada Goose at the marsh. I actually thought she was sick or injured at first since she didn't walk away as I approached:

Birder report says there's 5 eggs. Looks like we'll have some goslings in a few weeks.

Neither she or the dad (a few dozen yards away) seemed threatened by me and I backed off quickly as soon as I realized she was nesting.

The female Red-winged Blackbird isn't black, isn't red but does have wings:

Female Red-winged Blackbird, nothing like the name.

It's spring and flowers are starting to bloom. Here's a Ceanothus (California Lilac) with sunflowers in the background:

California Lilac

And finally, our famous California Poppies. The yellow color is so intense I have to use the same technique I use for egrets to keep the yellow from blowing out:

California Poppy


Great Egret in-flight

Nice shots but I'm canadian and I actually don't know a single person who thinks Canada geese are vermin or pests. We have tons up here and think they are beautiful!

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