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Meh, take your DSLR and ILC with you. I have posted shots from bridge cam and if my memory serves me right, you have taken nothing close to what I have posted so far.

Kim Letkeman wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

MitchyK7 wrote:

Of course people have posted better with the canons and pannys. They've been out long enough for people to get used to them,

You know as well as I do that the HS50 is a derivative product. The same basic EXR design in the sensor as the HS20 and HS30 with the addition of some PDAF capability. But otherwise very similar.

The question, then, is whether this sensor will finally throw off the yoke of poor HR performance.

So far, I would say no. But experienced people who should know better stubbornly refuse to shoot to its strengths.

And who has better experience than us, you? Taking mediocre M size image and posting it in 800px width?

Well, yes

I should say i'm not in favour of any camera over an other. I do like the HS series, but also have samsung, pentax and canon cameras, as well as my wife who bought a 'GE' canera, cos it 'looked like a 'cute' mini version of mine and was white'. She doesn't care how many pixels or what zoom. To be honest she got some great shots with it from Evanescences last show of the tour, considering it's a £100 'bridge' cam.

Any modern camera can shoot nice images in strong light if you know what you are doing, or get lucky

With HS50 luck can no longer be associated.

Having a dozen cameras of different brands seems common, but I cannot say that I associate it with anything but "collecting" or "reviewing" and not "photography." One eventually has to master one's equipment and trying to master a half dozen or more disparate user interfaces is just not on.

So far you have mastered 1 compact travelzoom and has not shown any gallery-worth images from it especially birding.

You seem to think that ad hominem twisting of truths is going to help your cause ... it amazes me how often you act out like a middle school attendee ...

I have, of course, shot thousands with each of the F70, f80, f300, f550 and now the F770 ... I have also extensively tested the f200, f800, hs25, x10 and xs-1 ...

This article, written when the F70 came out, has over 100,000 page views.

Nothing Special: How to Shoot an EXR Camera

Whether you think I've mastered EXR shooting or not is not of relevance or interest to me, as I consider you ill-equipped to make such a judgement.

As for birding ... no, I don't go in for that. Just capturing the wee ones who feast on seeds in the woods is enough to satisfy my itch ...

D70s with Tamron 1.4x on 1985 70-210 f4 ... today's cost about 400 bucks ...

Nikon D2Hs (4 MP!!) plus 300mm f/4 current cost still around 1300 bucks ... but 4mp ...

That kind of puts the lie to the need to shoot the HS series at 16mp, doesn't it ...

Here's one from the D700 with 70-300 consumer zoom ... a little expensive, but not that bad today ... under 20 grand for the whole kit, but reach only to 300mm ...

That image has been published in our city news paper (Ottawa Citizen) 2 or 3 times, most recently two weeks ago ...

I had one published just last week (2 weeks consecutive if I have confused you) from the Panasonic GH2 with 100-300 (600mm reach) ...

And so on and so forth ... I like shooting the wee birds.

I just don't really like how you shoot the wee birds Remember that my images are for my gallery and once in a while for publishing on rag. Yours are supposed to be examples of what this camera can do. That's a higher standard and you are not meeting it so far as I can see ...

I buy Fuji in compacts, Panny in mirrorless, and Nikon in dSLRs. Anything else is a waste of my time because no camera is so much better than any other as to make it worth the loss of efficiency you will suffer in the field. (And that is a very real issue.)

So all cameras, even the cheap ones have good points.

Absolutely true.

It just seems silly to keep banging on about how bad a camera is before it's been given a chance.

I am a fan of the HS50. I think it will be a winner. (Remembering that the sensor remains very small.)

Unfortunately, the early adopters of the HS50 and the X20 are not really doing these cameras justice. Poorly controlled tests (very), soft images, etc ...

Nope. I think there are far better intelligent users than you who always insists his settings when evidence shows that there is very little gain in DR using M size and resolution is do crippled leaving you no room for cropping and hires printing.

You have probably never read my article then. Or you have failed to understand any of the nuances.

You are one of the most vociferous arguers with a hair-trigger for ad hominem comments about other people and a penchant for outright lies and misdirection regarding peoples' photography.

I don't see how your body of work or your technical skills can back such an attitude, but the Internet is a wide open space and all are obviously welcome.

I'm just thinking a HS50 request thread should be started? You guys who want to see more can post a specific request,

Start any thread you like. DPReview welcomes traffic. But I'll wait until Fuji sends me the camera(s) for testing.

I don't expect any miracles from you if you are just gonna continue with your usual crayons and threads on the table test.

And again ... I have posted many a practical test ... but you have your head so deeply buried ... well, you know.

A walk in the woods with the HS25 Part A

A walk in the woods with the HS25 Part B

A walk in the woods with the HS25 Part C

Your constant puerile focus on my ISO ladders, which are shot with super fine delails such as wool from a distance, just shows now staggeringly narrow your viewpoint is ... I wish it were otherwise, but you show few signs of growing ...

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