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Competent and good value

Excellent but obsolete lens. Olympus' first m4/3 lens.

Main strengths:

  • Lightweight, compact
  • Flare performance
  • Good contrast and colour (for a kit lens)
  • Sharp (for a kit lens)
  • Very close focusing


  • Collapsible, but in 3 sections, so a little wobbly
  • Slow aperture (but hey, it is compact, right?)
  • Slow AF
  • Rotating and extending focus barrel (makes it difficult to use filters, hoods)
  • No provision for fitting lens hood
  • When sold with the original 2 lens kit, has different filter size (40.5mm) to the 17/2.8 (37mm) which is stupid! II version now has 37mm filter thread.

A great all round first iteration for a new camera system - much improved by later versions. I've used it extensively for 3 years and recently upgraded to the II version; no regrets on using it for so long, no regrets on upgrading, either.

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