No value wide angle primes?

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Re: No value wide angle primes?

bgstcola wrote:

Sovern wrote:

bgstcola wrote:

Sovern wrote:

In my opinion primes are best served at the longer focal lengths such as 50mm and longer. Instead of using wide angle primes you would be better off served with a zoom with a wide end that has IS like the Tamron 24-70 IS.

I actually thought about this. The reason I'm avoiding zooms is that I saved for a long time for the 17-55 when I was using crop. When I finally got it I found it to be boring for most tasks and ind had too much DOF. But for wide angle photography I might actually prefer a zoom. The Tamron seems a bit too much like the 17-55 though.

I guess it would make sense to buy the 17-40 and the 28 1.8 for indoor use.

I heard that the 16-35 is better. I'd go with that lens personally.

Yes I've rather have that one but it is too expensive.

True, sorry forgot to look at the price difference.

I'm all about buying the most band for your buck anyways. I see a lot of photographers with $2,000 F2.8 zoom L lenses and FF body's that could take the same shots with a Micro 4/3rds camera or a 30D and kit lens.

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