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Michael Harvey wrote:

jhinkey wrote:

This is not "A New Aspect" - It's a very old one that is only "new" to those not experienced with either telescopes or long telephotos. Atmospheric haze, polarization, turbulence, and temperature/density gradients in the atmosphere play an important role in long distance tele work.

The OP's explanation is highly simplified as well - that's OK, but it's not the whole story.


I promised myself I was just going to ignore the JEDI photographers and posters who consider MENSA to be an organization for the intellectually-challenged. But, geez...c'mon guys!

Do you actually READ what's posted? Or do you just assume you already know so much that you don't need to. If so, you missed the point. It was SUPPOSED to be "simple"...and it was merely pointing out that atmospheric effects are now more pronounced and obvious due to the increased resolution of our sensors.

For those of you who have responded positively - thank you so much. I guess these forums have become less about enthusiastic amateurs sharing information and experiences, and more about bloviating egotists who can't miss an opportunity to demonstrate their 'superiority' over the teeming masses. Are they compensating for something?

Eventually, they'll kill the fun and helpfulness of this forum just as they have destroyed others in the past.

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Mike Harvey

OK Mike, I know what you're referring to and have noticed the same with my D800E compared to a D200 and a D700. As you've indicated, 36 MP picks up a lot of details (both wanted and unwanted) compared to 10 or 12 MP sensors. It's just more noticeable with long glass at big distances because there's more s~~t between you and what you're shooting. Do I have that right?;-)

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