Can Oly really compete with FF?

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A different perspective

Very different systems.

I own two E-3's, two FL-50's, 7-14, 50mm, two 12-60mm, and 50-200mm. I can't imagine how crazy it would be to own the equivalent in Nikon or Canon FF and try to carry everything with me when photographing weddings.

Sometimes I do wish I could take some photos at high ISO without noise, but what really drives me crazy rather than the noise is focusing in low light (manual focus is out of the question, if the camera can't focus in the low light, neither can I -I'm as blind as a bat). To me, that is more important. And the real area where Oly has lagged behind in the pro sector is here.

Oly has proven that a smaller sensor is fine for most people. Even paying clients seem not to mind the little added noise. Maybe they don't know better.

It all depends on what type of shooting you do. If you shoot in well lit environments, chances are you would see a very small difference between 4/3 and FF, if you shoot in low light, the difference in focus speed and noise are very noticeable (to us anyway, not necessarily to clients). I can't see myself shooting in bright environments with full frame. What for? And spending that kind of money when client's don't seem to notice the small amounts of noise doesn't make good financial sense.

A camera that focuses well in low light and with no more added weight than an E-3/E-5 with Oly's lenses and their superb build quality, now that would be ideal, and real competition for Canikon.

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