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lehill wrote:

Those of you in the northern US and Canada think of Canada Geese as a bunch of vermin/pests. I've spent some time in Ohio and yeah, they can be a pain. But here in the southern half of the US they only come by for a few months and leave again before they become much of a bother (sort of like grandkids :-)).

So I was really surprised to come upon a nesting Canada Goose at the marsh. I actually thought she was sick or injured at first since she didn't walk away as I approached:

Birder report says there's 5 eggs. Looks like we'll have some goslings in a few weeks.

Neither she or the dad (a few dozen yards away) seemed threatened by me and I backed off quickly as soon as I realized she was nesting.

The female Red-winged Blackbird isn't black, isn't red but does have wings:

Female Red-winged Blackbird, nothing like the name.

It's spring and flowers are starting to bloom. Here's a Ceanothus (California Lilac) with sunflowers in the background:

California Lilac

And finally, our famous California Poppies. The yellow color is so intense I have to use the same technique I use for egrets to keep the yellow from blowing out:

California Poppy


Great Egret in-flight

Beautiful series! I really thought that they (Canada Geese) are (in abundance) anywhere in the US. In parks where there are lots of them, it's hard to walk straight because of too many geese poops..lol.The flowers are so beautiful and indeed, spring is here. Can't wait to see the beautiful butterflies pics..soon.

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