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I know this is way late for you, but maybe it will help others.  My experience with PrimoTronix:

I purchased a Nikon D800 from PrimoTronix on February 12, 2013. It arrived February 21. It was not in its original Nikon packaging, the monitor screen cover, the hot shoe cover was missing and, the worst, the monitor did not function at all. No monitor, no menu access.
     I contacted them 2/22/13, spoke with the customer service manager, was promised an RMA by the end of the day, an increase in the warranty period free and expedited shipping on the replacement. He promised that he would put this in an email and send it immediately. The email never came.
     The replacement camera was received on March 7. Definitely not expedited. This time there was no manual and there was no warranty information. I contacted them again, via email because there was no answer on any of their phone lines. A few days later I received a warranty card - no note of how long the warranty was for - and an extremely used manual.
     Yesterday, March 23, 2013, the replacement camera's monitor quit working. 16 whole days I had it and it failed. Are they sending out returns without refurbishing them first? Of course, it is the weekend and there's nothing to be done to resolve my frustration.
     It's Sunday, so their sales department is open. They promised to have the customer service manager call me first thing Monday morning. Hope he's more helpful this time.

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