want to incorporate a ss hard drive 3.0 usb passport for LR4

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Re: want to incorporate a ss hard drive 3.0 usb passport for LR4

darwin36 wrote:

hi all
I've not been happy with speed of my 7200rpms sat6 internal drive that has all images stored on it.here's how i'm set up.

windows7 64bitlr4 on op drive c images and catalogs on hard drive I ( I'm thinking the catalogs are what keeps freezing up lr4 for a minute or 2)
so, how can I get the most out of the 500gb sshd? im thinking its faster than the hard drive all me files are on now.

I keep hearing the ss drives don't last long running all the time, and it would be on all the time as its my server computer. a
ny input would be helpful thanks Darwin.

I was in the same boat as you.  LR4 opened and processing wa so so slow on my original HDD.  Some forum members suggested the SSD route which I followed.  Installed a 128gb SSD and left my HDD intact with separate partitions for media, apps, games, and drive image.  I have never been more satisfied.  Also, Win7 was clean installed on the SSD.

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