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Zee Char wrote:

Luther T wrote:

Last Fall I purchased a 7D and two lenses. A 15-85mm, and 70-200 f/4. Also a 1.4 TC III. This is my first DSLR. Previously, starting in the 60's, I had Nikon SLRs which are now displayed as relics in one of my children's home. At that time I guess I was an advanced amateur. Then I dropped out for about fifteen years.

Now I'm back and a beginner. After considerable research I chose Canon, and to me the 7D is an awesome camera. I'm finding it to be a challenging, but fun, experience. I'm getting to the point where I am becoming familiar enough with the beast to get it to do my bidding without resorting to the manual. I love the 7D and AF and IS. Especially now that I'm getting a feel for the camera and lenses and turning out some images that I'm not ashamed of.

There are a lot of complaints and threads about the age of the 7d and Canon delaying the new and improved 7D, what ever they may call it.

Now to my question, Are the majority of 7D users actually butting up against the limits of the camera to a point where they need a better body? If so, I'm envious because I don't see myself ever reaching that point. So far, all the limiting factors have been me, not the 7D or the lenses.

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This is a gear forum. People always want new stuff and complain when competitor comes out with something first. And when they do endless discussions will follow. My fishing rod is bigger and better than yours. It has always been that way, is that way and will be that way. The nature of this site. Nothing wrong with it if that is what you are into.

Two things. This site is far better place than it was 8 years ago. If you were a rookie and asked a question forget it. A brick wall would give you a better response. Moderators. Long overdue. Keep those legends in their own minds in check. We know who those ones are.

This is a great site that has been moderated forever. No BS and not as heavy on the technical side.


Thanks to everyone that responded. While I agree that there are several improvements/upgrades that could be made to the 7D I just don't see the lack of them as limiting most 7D owners.  In fact, i suspect that the better photographer one is, the less limiting the 7D actually is.

Being somewhat of a gear-head myself, if the 7D II had been on the shelves for several months with rave reviews from actual users stating that new new 7D II was an actual improvement I would have shelled out the extra cash.  However, now that I own a 7D, it would take some Major Improvements, for me to consider moving up.  A large noise reduction might do it...

Instead, I can see a couple more "L" lenses, an expensive flash - maybe two, and a very sturdy tripod with a couple of different heads in my future.

At this point in my learning curve I'm (excuse the Pun) focusing on technical proficiency.  I'm past the "Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then", however, it will be years, if ever, before I'll need a  camera with better specs than the 7D.

Again, thanks for your time and thoughts.

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