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Re: Not completely without blame...

edispics wrote:

[...] I am not prepared to pay outrageous prices for software to finance widespread theft. Online activation allows me to enjoy my software at a price that I believe is fair.

Ok, at least I understand your position now, but I still believe we can have both activation free software and fair prices.

When I said you don't have to ask the company, I meant literally that. Yes you need an internet connection, but I don't have to call them or email them.

But this is bad enough, I am now at the mercy of that company. Most companies don't abuse this power, but still it is a power I don't think that they have a right to no matter how responsibly they use it.

And even if we assume that the company will always allow me to run/install my software, what happens when they go out of business, the server is down, or I am in some place without internet connection? I should just accept that my software doesn't work?

Would you accept it if your car stopped working if you didn't have an internet connection? Your oven? Your fridge?

Ultimately, to each his own. These days I find the process of acquiring software simple and straightforward, I find the pricing, in most cases to be fair, given what I receive in return, and I have found most software companies I have dealt with to be fair and accommodating (there will always be some exceptions).

To reiterate - it does not matter how well-behaved the company is. It is a matter of principle, a legally purchased product should work without an online connection, always , without but's and maybe's.

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