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Re: XP never crashes for me

That is what I was going to say. By the time it got to SP3, XP was pretty stable. If it were not for the annoyingly frequent Microsoft so-called security updates requiring reboot, and similar from Adobe, XP might be able to stay up for as long as a typical Linux system!

I never liked the Aero interface. Why would I want window title bars to be transparent? It just makes the screen look cluttered. Microsoft hasn't done very well at UI design since they parted ways with IBM, if you ask me.

tko wrote:

I used XP at work, 7 at home. Neither really crashed for me. I do necessary reboots every month to months, but it seldom crashes in between. XP is appears more stable, but that's probably because the IT group at work prevents me from doing the crazy thing I might try on my home machine.

Stability just isn't an issue.

Coming home to Windows 7 from XP, I prefer XP. That's after two years of real world use. More features, more like a real computer. 7 has been dumbed down (look at the search function) without adding any useful functionality. I expect 8 to be similar - dumber with junky benefits, and real features removed.

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