Need starting business advice - Glamour Shots killing it?!?!?

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Need starting business advice - Glamour Shots killing it?!?!?

Long timer reader, finally decided to join since im launching my first photography business.

Im a serial entrepreneur, with successes and failures in my past, so I know the difficulty and challenges of starting a new business.

My business is in the early stages, doing a bunch of TF shoots to build a portfolio and get feedback.

The feedback from my first clients and other pro's I know has been nothing but remarkable, so im excited about that. But thats the easier part IMO.   A great business man with decent photos will beat a great photographer with poor business skills. (Isnt that true in just about everything?)

So now the interesting part.  I did market research in my metro area, and checked out the competition.

Something caught my eye...  the google reviews of Glamour Shots were all 100% terrible.

Know what the #1 complaint was???  Their service was incredibly slow at everything.

Super long wait times, and weeks to months to receive photos BECAUSE THEY ARE OVERBOOKED!

Their prices were higher than mine too!

So here we have a photography business, that is SLAMMED with clients, putting out an average product at best, charging higher prices than me, with terrible services, and 100% bad online reviews.

Glamour Shots *IS DOING SOMETHING RIGHT* on the business side.

So my question is, is this nearly 100% due to the fact that their location is at one of the big, higher end malls, in the area???

Is that *THE* differentiating factor?  Tons of foot traffic from wealthy people walking by giant portrait shots in the window?  (Its in a wealthy area).

Trying to figure out why they are so busy and how to compete with this.

A 10x13, horribly retouched print, STARTS at $140.  Yet some people scoff at $100/print with far superior re-touching on better paper???

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