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Re: You can make W8 look more or less like W7

Simon Garrett wrote:

BirgerH wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

Several people have mentioned that with Start8, Classic Shell etc you can make W8 look like W7. Quite right.

Balance the marginally better performance of W8 against the few things missing from W8, then on balance W8 (with the start menu restored) is then only a bit worse than W7.

Enough said?

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Well - everybody's free to have their opinions.

What you can't take away, is that my Win8 has been running for almost a year with no blue screens, no sudden restarts and no programs frozen the computer to death.

Not even WindowsXP was that reliable.

And extra: Some of my external devices (a printer and a scanner) who were left without drivers by Vista, are suddenly working.

I will never change back to XP.

I don't disagree with a word you've said. W8 is a lot better than XP (IMHO) but no better overall than W7. It's slightly faster and some say slightly more stable than W7, but they've taken away features, some of which you can't restore, and added little of value.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. I do agree - they took away Aero - I think, thats what made it slightly faster. They took away the Start-button and the direct start in Desktop-UI - I never understood why.

It's simply a wasted opportunity. Microsoft has been foolishly distracted by Metro, and the vain (IMHO) goal of a single platform for everything from smart phone to desktop.

Exactly - the smartphone market rearly distracted them, I don't no, if it is wated opportunity, to PC-users it is.

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