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Re: DPR login on Android

taffee2222 wrote:

Hi...I have the 7 inch tab and have run into that login prob as well on a few diff sites....tonite being one of them with dpr. On the 3rd try tonite I hit the enter button on the keyboard vs the log in on the screen and it worked. I've noticed you have to be exact when signing in on some sites..by that I mean not using the predictive txt when signing in..fb doesn't seem to matter, but my main email address I have to spell out every time. Re: the sound....on the notification bar, do you have the sound muted? With the jb update they changed something with that function...you can have it off on the notification bar...that will block any sounds coming from games, email etc...but you can play music ...it just seems to block the notifications, but it wouldn't hurt to try with all sound on.....nt

Thanks Taffee 2222,
I could not find the "enter" key on my Samsung tablet onscreen keyboard, so I tapped on the "GO" key and still could not login to DPR.  Android has many problems compared to Windows and login and a bad keyboard appears to be two of them.  Another problem is that there is no mouse and ones finger is a very inaccurate pointing device.  I tried to join another online forum and they required that you align four pictures to register.  This was impossible with my Samsung Tab2, but easily done on my Windows 7 desk-top computer with mouse.

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