Upgrading T2i (550)

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Re: Upgrading T2i (550) - Committed to Canon

Myer wrote:

Beautiful shots!!! I agree with you about Yellowstone & GTNP. I was also there in 2010 (very early August).

I wonder why you shot the first at ISO100 and 1/160 and the third at ISO200 and 1/125?

Exactly where did you shoot each?

I can't say that I recall why I used each setting.  I suppose on the Grand Teton, taken from Oxbow Bend if I recall, I was trying to get depth of field.  There was plenty of light.

The Grizzly Bear Coyote Shot and the Wolf Coyote confrontation shot were taken in the Hayden valley, just off the road.  That was one of the most thrilling vacation days I've ever experienced.  The whole story is told in pictures here:   http://www.andrephotogallery.com/Travel/Yellowstone-Stand-Off/12854961_GB3LbQ#!i=927942432&k=xQVWfSk

I was there off and on for about 7 hours at the site of an elk kill, upon which the bear and her cubs were feeding, while coyotes, birds and a wolf competed for the elk.

The black bear shot was taken from inside a car just down the road from Lake Yellowstone Lodge.  It was just a quick shot, without any chance to actually change settings on the camera.  So I defaulted to whatever the settings were when I picked up the camera.

The moose below was taken in the Grand Teton National Park.  I think it may have been off Moose Wilson road...but I'm not positive.

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