D800 Report from Nikon Canada

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Re: D800 Report from Nikon Canada

Testing123 wrote:

entlassen wrote:

Wow, I'm amazed they let you into the lab, let alone allowed you to watch the whole test. At Nikon Los Angeles, it's just 1 dude at the front desk who has no technical expertise whatsoever. You hand the camera to him and then you pretty much have to leave, b/c there is no way that guy is gonna let you in the back and have a tech lead you through your tests.

I was there last week. There were two guys working the counter with a young lady coming and going (from the back area) and a manager made an appearance as requested by a customer while I was there also.

Now, when I visited El Segundo a couple of years ago (D7000 issues), all I saw was one young lady.

YohmanYoh's info is quite interesting indeed. I too wish Nikon L.A. allowed the same access. I guess the best I can hope for is that the tech that has worked on my D800 has been as thorough as the one YohmanYoh spoke about.

Unfortunately there is at least 1 tech at Nikon LA that is incompetent.  I wrote about my ongoing experience @ http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3398944

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