real d800 vs em5

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Re: real d800 vs em5

Adventsam wrote:

Rocky ID Olympian wrote:

Rocky ID Olympian wrote:

I see that the person who wanted to compare this, is trying to get a "real life situation" and getting the same DOF.

At the condition above, ever photographer would use lowest ISO. It wouldn't make sense is D800 use ISO 200.

To get the same DOF, OM-D uses 2 stop brighter aperture (f4 compared to f8 in D800).

Fair enough comparison for that sense, I think.

Maybe my previous post wasn't clear. For f/8 and 1/200 on D800, the exposure on EM5 should have been f/4 and 1/800 instead of 1/1600, for equal exposure and DOF.

That is true if using the same ISO. The photos shown the D800 shot is using ISO 100 whileE-M5 use ISO 200.

both are base.

This equalizes the brightness but not the exposure. As a result the EM5 image has more noise and looks worse.

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