Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

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Re: Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

I don’t know if you are familiar with Ernst Dinkla’s spectral analysis of paper samples. It is extremely useful for comparing paper ‘brightness’ and ‘warmth’. His analysis is available via a Java app:

Unfortunately he has only done a few metallic papers, the two of which that are widely available in the US are Red River Polar Pearl Metallic and Maob Slickrock Metallic Pearl, and the spectral responses are so close to identical, these two papers have to be one and the same. The base paper shows what are probably extremely high levels of OBAs, and the there is a heightening towards the red end of the spectrum from the metallic layer.

OBA content in papers like metallics (and other RC papers) doesn’t really bother me, sometimes you just need bright white, and these types of papers are hardly museum grade.

Brian A

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