Springtime In Shropshire.

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Re: Springtime In Shropshire.

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Kurt,

I understand - I made a move from DSLR use for overseas travel about two years ago. I still use my K5 and (too many) lenses, but I don't take them on extended trips. My choice was a G1X and I found a huge sense of freedom in travelling with an 'all-in-one' small camera. Yes I missed the DSLR on a few occasions, but not actually that many. I rationalised that I was not publishing or exhibiting my shots from a family holiday, but seeking well rendered memories. You don't need a DSLR and THE KIT to do that. And the truth is, I found that I could get more 'into' the holiday.

Enjoy Greece. Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod,

Same here: what is a DSLR good for, when you (mostly) leave it at home, because it's too heavy/bulky to carry around? At least, that's what I was thinking, and seeing the overall good picture quality of the SX50, and still having the fast lens on the G15, I think I'll be able to live without a DSLR. And it's just a hobby for me, so why should I burden myself? And you said something very important: "... seeking well rendered memories." That's also my opinion, and for that, the SX50 does a very good job.

I will definitely try to enjoy Greece, and am looking forwards to hiking along the coast.

Cheers, Kurt

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