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Simon Garrett wrote:

In W8, you lose Aero, which I happened to like, also you lose desktop gadgets (no, Metro apps are no substitute). Some other features have gone. Instead you get the wholly useless Metro/TIFKAM, which is a bad match for a keyboard/mouse interface, and makes poor use of a large screen (i.e. anything larger than a smart phone or tablet). They've also (in Metro) gone over to big, blocky, square icons in primary colours, sort of aping the look and feel of a 1980's low-res 16-colour display. Hey, Microsoft: they did it that way in the 80's because they hadn't the hardware to do it better, not because it looked cool.

That's something that nobody seems to mention. Those primary color square icons are just plain ugly. Just who thinks the new interface looks good? As someone nearing 70 am I that much out of touch with interface aesthetics?


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