Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

Simurgh wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

already owned some E-mount lenses, and it wasn't much less than £1000). And now that there's also a NEX-6, Sony can afford to move the -7 replacement upmarket. The pound is also weaker now than when the -7 came out.

Good points.
So you reckon NEX7N would be in above £1000 range - that's quite uncomfortable for me - I am not a photography expert, I use it for occasional trips and family gatherings.

What is the most significant advantage of 7N over 6 to be expected anyway?

NEX-7 will have higher resolution sensor than 6 like current 7. Also tri-navi control system as opposed to 2 dials on the nex-6. These are about certain. There may be some new technologies like better hybrid AF in a new 7N camera.

It is all in the air with NEX-7N. It may be 1500 pounds camera to be announced in late 2015. Depends if Sony want to position 7N against Panasonic GH series for example....

If you want a camera and would enjoy just get NEX-6 there is not much to regret about it.

Most cameras now roll on yearly basis, so waiting is simply stupid. In 6 months there will be another big thing, which you may enjoy more but you would have lost these 6 months in waiting. At the point the new thing comes to stores there will be something even more impressive on the horizon...and so on....this is pointless. Just get a camera that is good enough and enjoy, don't look back. When it breaks or you get tiered of it get a new one.

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