leaving olympus as main brand

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Are these sock puppet accounts ?

Roger Engelken wrote:

Seems like only yesterday we got a post from someone with less than five postings in their history questioning Olympus. Perhaps they need to start their own forum, because it is certainly stale material here. I am reminded of the old adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Perhaps Deja-vu is for real after all! I only wish I had so much time.

I am a bit unsure if there is not someone who is constantly re-registering and saying "I am leaving" in 100 different ways.

Yes, Olympus DSLR owners really think about leaving because after a year we still do not have the OMD sensor ( even I am adding another non-canicon system and keep my oly system ) but I would not register to a community and stand up and shout "I am leaving because its so bad here..."

dpreview should make a special forum "I just registered and I am leaving brand X" to shift those threads there.

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