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RedFox88 wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Burning discs on 7 is a pain compared to on a Mac.

Not sure what you are doing wrong if you are finding burning discs a pain. It's never been easier! Burning discs on Vista or Win7 is simple. You don't even need a stand alone program. You just open a "windows writeable folder", drag your files in, then choose burn to disc. Simple.

I find it a pain because after selection the file(s) i want to burn I then get this dumb window

Like a flash drive? give me a break!

Then I might get this.

desktop.ini I don't want that!!! And what's a file doing there with an underscore before it which always denotes an unwanted file. So I delete those and click Burn to Disc. If I'm lucky it them works.

But I f something had gone wrong previously i get a message that says. There are already files waiting to be burned to disc, Do i want to keep them or not? If I don't i have yet discovered a way to delete these waiting files apart from switching the computer off and on again. They are nowhere to be found and deleted. It drives me spare. Give me my Mac any day!!!!


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