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edispics wrote:

Online activation does NOT necessarily imply that you have to ask for permission to install the software on another PC.

It not only implies, it means exactly that! That the software does it for me doesn't make it any less true!

Only activation means that the software requires an internet connection and uses that internet connection to communicate with a server of the software company to determine whether the software is allowed to install.

Apart from the fact that I should not have to ask for permission to use a legally purchased product, if the company goes out of business, or the server is down, or I don't have an internet connection, I as a legal customers am left without access to the legally purchased software. If you don't see the ethical problem in this, then I don't know what to say.

Let's take as an example, Oloneo, a fine photographyic HDR program. The license agreement indicates you can install the program on 2 PCs, which is nice because one can install one copy on a desktop and another on a laptop. If you want to move a copy to another PC you do NOT have to ask or beg the company to do so.

I am not sure I understand you correctly, but if the program can be installed and used without ever having or having had an internet connection, then it is not using online activation and I do not have a problem with it (assuming there is nothing else that limits my legal use of the software).

Software companies vary in how they deal with licensing.


Online activation is a convenience

Preposterous - convenient form whom? Online activation is only ever useful to the company, never to the user, it can therefore not be a convenience for the user. Or what did you mean?

, it is not necessarily tied to specific process for moving software from one device to another.

I still don't quite understand what you are saying. What I meant with my previous post is that when you install software either on a new computer, or because you have reinstalled windows, then the software will require you to go online and activate the software.

That is similar (but not quite the same) as to having to ask permission from the photographer when I want to move the print from one wall in my house to another. I should not have to ask the photographer for permission to move the print (not even when hanging it the very first time after the purchase). This is something I should just simply be able to do, and the photographer should not have any say in it.

The same goes for legally purchased software.

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