Unfair practices by manufacturers -re pricing on products

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Re: Unfair practices by manufacturers -re pricing on products

which is something a lot of you should exercise , and I honestly believe that people who have no regard for how much they spend on their hobby do help to drive up the price of consumer goods.

Horse Hockey Pucks!

First off you call me out for buying at a local store because I get service, advice, calls about specials and more?

Secondly it's my freaking money, I put my life on the line more than once earning it and I'll bloody well spend my own cash any way I want.

And you have your economics totally backward.  What sort of economic theory is that?  Totally backwards.  Contrary to what everyone has ever written.

I don't need your lecture on how to spend my cash.

As for the economic theory the more units sold in a market area, the lower the prices.

Remember it's NOT made in the USA so unless you stay for 48 hours south of the border you owe duties on it.  And after 48 hours you can bring in a whopping 800 bucks.

So you still owe taxes, and you still have to pay duties.  Or you could become a smuggler, get a criminal record, and stay 'home' the rest of your life.  That would be fun.

I plan on visiting a dozen countries this year, and don't need to be arrested at a border.  I might have to stay up past my bedtime.

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